BigBamboo, LLC is holding company based in Beverly Hills, California.

The idea behind BigBamboo is to create and bring to fruition great companies led by great people.

BigBamboo acts as a creator, incubator and accelerator for companies mostly in the Technology industry.

The companies within the organization are all ideas conceived and created, for better or worse, from the ever running mind of the founder- Stephen Meade.

As a company we do not do other people’s ideas, outside consulting, or marketing services.

The goal is to create a company, find world class advisers, flesh out the idea, and then, if warranted, attempt to bring the company to market.

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Whether it is a flash, an inspiration, or comment made by someone in passing, a kernel of an idea often presents itself. Some of the ideas are acted upon, some sit and wait, and some are discarded for various reasons.

We strive to take an idea from visualization, to creation, to actualization.

Acting as a sort of business architect, we look to surround the company with the best and brightest people in their area of expertise.

In creating a building, there are certain steps that need to be taken.

1-      The architect often has the vision of what the end result is.
2-      An expert is brought in to create the blue print for others to follow.  In our case, this is most often a powerpoint, or guide that shows what the desired outcome will be.
3-      Then, a general contractor or project manager (think CEO) is located.
4-      Experts are brought in to create the building.  These experts range from foundation, plumbing, roofing, electricians, interior designers, etc.  In a company- you need experienced people as well- finance, marketing, programming, sales, development, etc.

Acting as a Business Architect, building a building is like building a company.  You do it in stages, with experienced people, over a period of time.

You need a vision that can be articulated to others. Then, you need the experts to execute on the plan.

Why the name?  Big Bamboo?  Well, it’s a metaphor for building a company.  If you don’t know the story of Chinese Bamboo and how it grows, there is a great lesson in it.  To learn more, click here